Lansdowne Fence Streetscape 

Commissioned by: Toronto Transit Commission
Artist Team: Marianne Lovink & Scott Eunson
MDO Panel, Pigment, Lansdowne Avenue, Toronto, 2010 

The goal of the Lansdowne Fence Streetscape project was to animate a vacant lot in the Lansdowne and Bloor neighborhood and to ignite a discourse about the qualities of the place, as well as its future possibilities. We chose to use imagery collected from the immediate environment for our subject matter and distilled and modified this collection of images into a series of graphic silhouettes which were then cut from exterior-grade plywood panels and installed along the length of the existing chain-link fence. Throughout this process, we were interested in revealing and highlighting the hidden beauty in the everyday and often overlooked corners of urban space and in providing a fresh perspective on the neighborhood. By emphasizing the tension between positive and negative form, and experimenting with pattern and scale, we aimed to create a work with strong visual impact that would reflect and support the local community.